Chris Christie Bridge Scandal: People want answers. Update: Christie explains himself, fires top aide.

To Protect and Stalk: SPD detective to serve three months in jail for cyberstalking his ex-lover.

Nightclub-Going Seattle Women Beware: U District man accused—allegedly for the second time—of drugging and raping a woman. "Speaking with police, the woman said she had been drinking at the Baltic Room hours before when Diallo approached her and bought her a single whiskey shot," reports Levi Pulkkinen at "That drink, only her fourth of the evening, was the last thing she could recall before waking in Diallo’s apartment hours later."

Meanwhile in Baghdad: Suicide bomber kills 9, injures 16 at army recruitment center.

Hot Fish: "Washington State Fish and Wildlife officers and Lummi Tribal police teamed up this week to bust an alleged illegal seafood ring that involves distributors, commercial outlets and fishermen in three counties."

Pricey Horseplay: New York Knicks player fined $50,000 for untying opponents' shoelaces during games.

Fatal Horseplay: Man dead after "atomic wedgie."

Horses, Horses, Horses: Being abandoned all over Whatcom County. "A combination of high feed prices, overbreeding and a soft horse market are spurring the situation, one that's growing increasingly dire," reports KING 5's Eric Wilkinson.

Post-Huffington Post: Arianna Huffington announces launch of her new World Post news website. (Contributors to include Bill Gates and Tony Blair.)

Please Get Your Flu Shot: 29-year-old mother of three in Dallas comes down with flu on Thursday, is dead by Monday.

Better Late Than Never: "An 88-year-old former SS guard has been charged with taking part in one of the most shocking massacres carried out in Nazi-occupied France."

Butter!: U.S. consumption hits 40-year high as people flee margarine.

Meanwhile in Florida: "Pregnant woman attacked roommate over butter, Volusia deputies say."

Finally, the student-led protests in support of Mark Zmuda—the vice principal at Sammamish's Eastside Catholic High School who was dismissed after refusing to divorce his husband—continue. January 31 brings "Z Day," a day of protest in support of Mark Zmuda and against the Catholic Church's anti-gay practices. From the students' official statement:

“We encourage students, at Catholic schools or otherwise, as well as any other impassioned individuals, to proudly wear the color orange on that day. In so doing, we will be showing solidarity with Mark Zmuda, as well as expressing our hopes for an enlightened perspective on issues of sexuality in the Catholic Church.”

Awesome. Learn more in this explanatory video.