Anne Siems, Hairdecoration II, 2013, at Grover/Thurston Gallery.
  • Courtesy the artist and Grover/Thurston Gallery
  • Anne Siems, Hairdecoration II, 2013, at Grover/Thurston Gallery.
The gallery that represents Larry Calkins, Rachel Brumer, Joe Max Emminger, James Lavadour, and Francesta Sundsten is about to join the ranks of great Seattle galleries now deceased.

After 24 years, Susan Grover and Richard Thurston are calling it quits. "It was a good run," Gordon said, caught quickly by phone this morning while she was with a client.

Thurston will call back for a full interview, which I'll post here.

Grover/Thurston is now at 319 Third Ave S, in the storefront where Catherine Person once was, before she had to close doors, too. Francine Seders gave up her bricks-and-mortar after almost 50 years at the end of 2013. Grover/Thurston's last day is May 17.

I first saw the paintings of Fay Jones in the old location in Occidental Square, years ago. That spot was next to Davidson Galleries, also a mainstay for decades. Are we facing the end of an era? If so, what's coming up to replace it?

Here's a list of really strong galleries that have closed doors in Seattle in the last five years (some relocated to other cities, went online, or otherwise exist in more shadowy form): Ambach & Rice, Francine Seders, Western Bridge, Howard House, Garde Rail, Crawl Space, Lawrimore Project, Cullom Gallery, Martin-Zambito...I'm sure there are some I'm forgetting. We recently learned that the Wright Space may not be operational for much longer.

Here's a list of really strong galleries you can and should still go to while they're here (it's easy to take a gallery for granted): James Harris, Greg Kucera, SOIL, Platform, PUNCH, G. Gibson, Roq La Rue, Bherd, Prographica, Patricia Cameron, Winston Wächter, Blindfold, Ghost, Hard L, and many more. All of our listings are ready for you to consult.