I definitely want to watch Mitt, this Netflix-only documentary shot inside the Romney presidential campaign:

The thing is, I'm already dreading the reviews of this thing. "Mitt Romney seems like a really nice guy," people will say. "Maybe we were wrong about Mitt Romney!" They'll be surprised to see him act tender with his friends and family, and they'll be moved to see him so worried about his campaign, as though Mitt Romney was somehow always inhumanly awkward in every interaction he ever had.

I never had any doubts that Mitt Romney was nice to people in private. The thing I'm hoping this movie can do is treat Romney like a human while still addressing his politics. It doesn't have to talk about his politics in a negative light, but it does have to talk about the issues he promoted. If this thing is just a portrait of a loving American without talking about his plans and the politics of the people he aligned himself with, it's just a too-late propaganda piece from the 2012 presidential campaign.