The Macklemore & Ryan Lewis vs. Pearl Jam vs. Slog Holiday Charity Challenge continues, and now the fans of Seattlish, America's Second-Greatest Blog™, are throwing in their support for YouthCare's Orion Center too! Of course, fans of Seattlish also want "to stop Dan Savage's tyranny!"—that's one Seattlish donor's own words—which is great—whatever gets you to donate!

Everyone who is giving is helping the Orion Center to provide food, shelter, safety, and alternatives to homeless youth in our city. The high today here in Seattle is going to be a whopping 29 degrees, so you only have to step outside to understand a little bit of the tremendous importance of the work that YouthCare and the Orion Center does. Now, the new totals!


• Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fans have donated: $13,143.14

• Pearl Jam fans have donated: $ 8,536.27

• Slog fans have donated: $5,030.00

• Seattlish fans have donated: $410.00

TOTAL $$$: $27,119.41

THIS IS SO GREAT. You are all absolute angels. Haven't given?! Now's the time! Donate to the Orion Center right now!

• Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fans: GO HERE TO GIVE!
• Pearl Jam fans: GO HERE TO GIVE!
• Slog fans: GO HERE TO GIVE!
• Seattlish fans: GO HERE TO GIVE and you can make a note that it's on behalf of Seattlish/against Dan Savage!

Yesterday's winner of the EMP prize package: Macklemore fan and Slog commenter A_Mang, whose story was touching:

Today is my birthday! I'm turning 36, which means it's my year in the Chinese Zodiac—the year of the snake. This is an important birthday for me, as I just got clean and sober a little over five months ago. I'm a Macklemore fan for obvious reasons, and have been since 2005.
I've always enjoyed the EMP, especially the amazing lighting and video effects in the Sky Church. I've dabbled in lighting design and control as a hobby, so it's always been a joy for me to visit there.
Now that I'm not using (and I was using absolutely the wrong drugs), I seek out and relish opportunities to get into a different headspace while clean and sober. Great music, great lighting, and an all-around sensory experience is a fantastic way to do that. That's why I would be thrilled to get to experience music at the EMP.

Excellent. Now, onward! And remember: the fans that raise the most for the Orion Center by December 24th WIN the title of the Best Fans of the Best Band or Best Blog in the Universe Forever!

P.S. Give at least $25 to the Orion Center right now, forward us your receipt and your commenter handle, and we'll give you a commenter tag on Slog that says SLOG FAN, MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS FAN, or PEARL JAM FAN! Your choice!