All Star skater Jalapeno Business faces off against Bay Area Roller Derby from San Francisco.
  • Danny Ngan
  • All-Star skater Jalapeño Business faces off against Bay Area Roller Derby from San Francisco.

What are you doing this weekend? Did you know that Seattle's own Rat City Rollergirls, now entering their tenth year, are going to derby's world championships in Milwaukee? Yeah, I know, Slog doesn't cover sports much, but let's make an exception for a quick second, due to (a) roller-skates and (b) badass women.

The Women's Flat-Track Derby Association world championships start tomorrow and go through the weekend. And to celebrate their placement in the tournament, Rat City is opening up their training facility, the Rat's Nest, to anyone who wants to watch a live-stream of the bouts. A simultaneous garage sale will help pay travel expenses for RCRG all-star team members. It's at 19022 Aurora Ave N in Shoreline; the party starts at 4 p.m. on Friday and goes through Sunday. (More info, including a tournament bracket, at their website.)

Out of around 250 leagues in the women’s flat-track derby association, only 12 will compete in Milwaukee, for a trophy called the Hydra Award. RCRG's first bout on Friday night is against the Ohio team. Do you like badasses? Are you tired of sportsball sports and would like to watch a different kind of vicious physical competition (with much better socks)? Wanna feel some sports-induced hometown pride that doesn't involve a bunch of zillionaires playing with your heart or steroid-shriveled testicles? This is your ticket. GO RAT CITY!