All you Breaking Bad haters can finally relax: After tonight, the onslaught of Breaking Bad articles online will finally ease up. But for right now, I have two short thoughts about the show that I wanted to air. Everything after the jump, including the comment thread, should be considered spoiler territory, but the Slog poll is spoiler-free.

1. I've been reading comments online that complain about the end of the show being a little "too clean," but I think that's a ridiculous accusation. Everything in the Breaking Bad universe is there for a reason. The show has never left any loose ends, there has never been any suggestion that the ending of the show would be messy or leave anything open-ended. If you're looking for an ambiguous ending, you were watching the wrong show.

2. Far and away my favorite part of the last episode of Breaking Bad was the look on Walt's face as he walked around the meth lab at the end. He was so proud of Jesse, and he was proud of what he'd built, and he was happy to die there. He wasn't a man who had redeemed himself, he was a man in love. (That excellent last scene with Skyler felt to me like the kind of discussion that happens between an estranged couple after one of those gaudy, flashy affairs that come with certain midlife crises.) It's been a love story—a monstrous love story—all along.