Syria: The seizure-of-chemical-weapons approach—that way lies chaos in peacetime, let alone in a war zone. It also requires 75,000 boots on the ground. What are we really talking about when we talk about the disarmament option? In last night's speech, Obama said there won't be any boots on the ground.

The Income Gap in the United States: Is at its greatest in a century.

A Son and a Journalist Who Remembers: David Filipov is a reporter. Every time he turns on the TV this time of year, he sees his father's plane crash into the World Trade Center. He writes his story of the last 12 years and his father Al Filipov's life in Tweets.

I Can't Help But Think of Josh Azzarella's Video: In which the plane flies right by and the sunny September morning continues, over and over.

Detroit's Bankruptcy, Detroit's Art Museum: The background laid out beautifully by the Detroit Free Press.

The NYC 2013 Blog: De Blasio and Lhota move forward in the mayoral race, Spitzer and Weiner are out.

Battle on the Thames: Skateboarders versus orchestras.

Older Folks with HIV: The extra shame, the extra despair.

First Ballmer, Now Raikes: The Gates Foundation CEO is stepping down.

A 19-Year-Old Kid Was Decapitated by a Remote-Controlled Helicopter YesterdayLast Week: He was flying it in a Brooklyn Park, where there were onlookers.

Man Shot in the Face: Outside McDonald's in Kent last night.

Mayhem in a Seattle Bed: Allegedly involving a mother, her son, the son's girlfriend, a shooting, a stabbing, and disrespect.

A Trio of Christian Teenage Girls in Arizona Who Ride Horses and Fight Demons (and Are Blackbelts): Footage of them riding horses and doing high kicks in slow motion, check. Footage demonstrating the telegenicity of their hair, check. No footage of demons, BBC?!! Must see demons!

The U.S.: Got a spot in the World Cup.

AMC Kills The Killing Again: Puns to proliferate.

Did You Miss the Release of the World Happiness Report?: Earth=happier.

A Portrait of Malala Doing Her Homework: Travels to London.