Sea-Tac Living Wage Back on the Ballot: Thanks to a ruling by the Washington State Court of Appeals. Goldy: "So that's that."

Deja Vu: Europe says we should wait for UN weapons inspectors to issue their report before bombing Syria. Madonna, meanwhile, posted a message saying the US should "stay out" of Syria...on Instagram.

Exhausting the Kids: Nearly 30 public schools in Washington, including a new one in Green Lake, are next to highways, meaning lower air quality and health outcomes for students, according to a new report by InvestigateWest.

Today in Rape Culture: Incoming freshmen at St. Mary's University in Nova Scotia have been singing a wretched tune since 2009 that includes the line, "U is for underage. N is for no consent. G is for grab that ass." They got caught when someone uploaded a video of the Instagram.

Legalize Pot, Maybe: So said John McCain during a town hall meeting in Arizona. He pledged to "respect the will of the people."

Thirteen Arrested at Renton Walmart: Protesters called for better wages and a path to unionization for Wal-Mart workers. The cops looked like storm troopers.

US Had a Hand in 9/11: A big one. Forty years ago, on September 11, 1973, the US backed the violent overthrow of Chile's elected socialist president by right-wing forces led by Augusto Pinochet. The family of folk singer Victor Jara, one of hundreds disappeared and killed, is filing suit against the man they say killed him, who now lives in Florida.

"Do they pay you to dress like a (expletive)?" According to Seattle police, that question prompted a fight outside a hospital on First Hill.

Anarcho-syndicalism in Monty Python: