Nickelsville's time at their current encampment site in West Seattle is winding down. No one's exactly clear about what will happen on September 1, but they face a potential forced eviction by the city if they don't leave by that deadline.

Meanwhile, in Indianapolis this morning, the city's Department of Public Works tore down a longtime homeless encampment. The city had set a deadline of 9 a.m. today for the camp to be vacated and apparently "encourag[ed] the homeless to move out rather than forcing outright arrests." At least one resident refused to leave.

Shortly after 10 a.m., city crews began clearing the area that had been home to dozens of Indianapolis’ homeless for several years. About an hour later, officers began the arrests. Young and his supporters, James Haines, Mike Mooney, Dean Walker and Robert Charlock did not resist as officers handcuffed them and walked them to the jail wagon.

“We love you, Maurice!” a person yelled as a police officer escorted Young toward the wagon. “Thank you, Maurice!” yelled another.

While city officials say the goal is to find long-term housing for the homeless, most Irish Hill residents and supporters felt differently.

“Now, they’ve forced them back to the alleys, back to the park benches, back to the abandoned houses,” said Young, who lived at Irish Hill for two years. “It’s not a win-win situation.”

Check out the article for photos.

Back here in Seattle, the Westside Interfaith Network continues to hold nightly vigils outside Nickelsville all week, awaiting the possible shutdown. We posted Kelly O's great photo tour of Nickelsville here on Friday.

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