Back in February, in a piece highlighting various sandwiches that can be found around Seattle, I wrote:

There's no reason, when you live in a city, to eat a damned Subway sandwich. No excuses. There's always a better sandwich within five minutes' walk.

But that's part of the deviousness of Subway. It's so easy to eat at Subway because Subways are everywhere. In fact, America is choked with Subways. Yesterday, Consumerist announced that one of their readers might have uncovered the farthest away you can get from a Subway in the continental US:

His calculations came up with a spot located at (42.397327, -117.956840), which he figures is around 99 miles from the nearest Subway.

This spot is located in southeast Oregon, not terribly far from the Nevada and Idaho borders, at least by middle-of-nowhere standards.

In light of this information, I'd like to propose a new slogan for Subway: You Can Run, but You Can't Hide™.