It Started Here: The $15/hour minimum wage discussion is spreading from Seattle to the rest of the country.

How Dare You Not Welcome Guns Into Your Private Business! Mayor McGinn announces a new gun-free zone program. This inspires gun nuts to threaten the newly gun-free establishments. Goldy talked to one pro-gun caller from Florida. And Ed Murray has opinions about all this. (Spoiler alert: His opinion is basically that everything would be more awesome if Ed Murray was mayor.)

The Homophobe Was Asking for It: Is it okay to shove a hot dog-throwing, slur-tossing asshole?

Call People By the Names They Want to Be Called By: NPR announced that they were going to refer to Chelsea Manning as Bradley Manning until she "actually physically" changed her gender. (NPR reversed their opinion on that, later on in the day.) Then the Seattle Times published a dumb piece of bigotry by an idiotic writer named Bruce Ramsay.

Finally: KC Saulet gets demoted.

Americans Are Screwed: A Dan Savage investigation.

Bye Bye, Ballmer: Ding, dong, the witch is dead. And the market says hurrah.

Everybody In the Media Is Wrong About Paid Sick Leave...except for The Stranger, says Goldy.

Ballard Is Doomed: But does Slog care?

Putting Your Name on Your Writing Is Un-American! The end of anonymous comments at Huffington Post.

It's All Part of My Plan to Make Goldy a Ke$ha Fan: Goldy took a glitter-bomb that was meant for me.

I Can't Believe The Stranger Hasn't Been Classified as a Hate Group Yet: Dominic Holden turned down a chance to be interviewed.

Hempfest Happened Last Weekend: And there were no mass arrests. Although this guy got kicked out. Also, those SPDoritos are now collector's items.

NOPE: Giant spiders threaten Seattle households.