Yesterday Morning's Shooting of a Metro Driver: Started with a dispute over paying the fare. The suspect, shot by police after fleeing the scene, has died. The bus driver is alive and "in good spirits." Dominic suggests a Bus Driver Appreciation Week.

Also Yesterday: Shots were fired on Rainier Ave S, and a man is in critical condition after a stabbing in Lake City.

In Happy News I Forgot to Post Yesterday Morning: Ed Murray and his longtime partner Michael Shiosaki married at St. Mark's on Saturday. The look was "very Cary Grant." Their dog was the ring bearer. They'll honeymoon after the election. Congratulations!

Whitey Bulger: Guilty.

The Washington State Patrol Trains New Drug-Sniffing Dogs: "'We were in a house one time where we were literally standing on buds and leaves and he paid no attention,' said Kobe’s WSP partner, Darryl Tolen."

Meet Seattle's Biggest Urban Farm: The Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands.

When complete, it will be far bigger and more diverse than any Seattle P-Patch—and more focused on feeding a whole community. The farm’s existing gardens, five greenhouses, office building and kitchen are currently undergoing an upgrade designed by Seattle landscape architecture firm Berger Partnership. In 2014, the farm will sprout classrooms, cold storage in reused shipping containers and a solar canopy with wash stations for dirt-caked hands. The designers are also hoping to bring in aquaponics (fish in tanks in a greenhouse) and perhaps a rice bog.

Good Lord, Leave Businesses at 23rd and Union Alone: Med Mix at that corner is a victim of arson resulting in about $90,000 in damage. The perpetrator was caught on camera; the restaurant's owner vows to rebuild.

Complaint Alleges USC Is Consistently Underreporting Rape on Campus: According to the complaint filed by students with the US Department of Education, the university has been "categorizing instances of 'rape' as 'personal injury,' 'domestic dispute,' and other less serious crimes or non-crimes."

Hey, Guess What Happened in an Ohio Gun Safety Class? C'mon! Guess.

Depressing: Obsessive antiabortion protesters shut down deli near a Planned Parenthood by intimidating customers, fighting with the owner. Another win for small business!

Australian Politician Makes an Ass of Himself: Tells a crowd that no one is "the suppository of all wisdom." As the AP cutely surmises, he "apparently meant to say 'repository'—a storage place—rather than a medication inserted in the rectum."