New Law Time! Several new Washington state laws go into effect today. Among the new laws, police can now accept electronic proof of driver's insurance when pulling a driver over, eligible farmers markets can feature wine and beer tasting, and employers can no longer ask for social media passwords from their employees.

Mali Tries to Vote: After a recent military coup and war, Malians are exercising their right to vote for a new president today. They face threats from Al-Qaeda aligned groups, as well as widespread illiteracy and confusion hindering the voting process.

Hitchcock Probably Did It. A robber made off with a $53 million in jewelry after holding up a jewelry exhibition in the Carlton Hotel. You may remember the Carlton Hotel as the set of To Catch a Thief, Alfred Hitchcock's 1955 film about a jewel thief.

To Catch a Thousand Inmates: More than 1,000 detainees have escaped from a prison near Benghazi in a massive jailbreak. According to security officials, most were held on serious charges. The jailbreak happened as protesters in Libya's main cities stormed the offices of Islamist-allied parties, due to the murder of an activist who was critical of the Muslim Brotherhood. It's currently unknown if the protests and jailbreak are connected.

Portland Cabbie Kicks Gay Couple to Curb: After seeing Portland resident Kate Neal and her girlfriend acting affectionately towards one another, a Portland taxi driver kicked them out of his cab, according to the couple. "He started shouting really hurtful, mean and really homophobic remarks at us. We really didn't feel safe in the cab," said Neal.

Central Washington Wildfires Spread: Over 200 homes are under evacuation orders as at least three wildfires in central Washington grow. The largest fire—situated near Goldendale—has grown to 14 square miles. The inclusion of high temperatures and 30 mph wind is making the fires harder to fight, according to Chelan Country Fire Chief Bill Neckels.

Hitler Bell (Surprise!) Causes Controversy: The Austrian village of Wolfpassing is getting a lot more press than it's used to after a town bell was discovered to be an 80-year-old homage to Adolf Hitler. The bell, apparently overlooked until now, was recently sold along with the castle that it inhabited by the Austrian government. On a fun side note, it's against Austrian law to propagate Nazi values or praise the era.

Bible Camp Gets Liquid Ass: In a prank gone wrong, two bunks at a Maryland bible camp were doused in Liquid Ass deer repellent, leading to a over a dozen campers needing to be decontaminated by a hazmat team. Six of the campers ended up hospitalized for eye and respiratory irritation. The bunks had to be ventilated.

Heading to Montana today. Passing the time at Sea-Tac with some classic '90s cats.