Almost an hour after reading this, which is in Wikipedia's entry for the great Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini:

The late 1960s and early 1970s were the era of the so-called "student movement". Pasolini, though acknowledging the students' ideological motivations, thought them "anthropologically middle-class" and therefore destined to fail in their attempts at revolutionary change. Regarding the Battle of Valle Giulia, which took place in Rome in March 1968, he said that he sympathized with the police, as they were "children of the poor", while the young militants were exponents of what he called "left-wing fascism".
...I was walking toward the crowded platform for Link's Columbia City Station and overheard three cops, who, with a police dog, were also walking toward the platform, having this conversation:

Cop 1: There sure are a lot of people here.
Cop 2: Yeah, lots of people.
Cop 3: And they all work for Amazon.
Cop 2: And Starbucks.
Cop 1: We should do a survey and find out.
Cop 3 [After Laughing]: Don't need a survey to tell you these people work for Amazon.
The police dog said nothing.

The thing that must be done urgently in our times is to reverse the systematic coding of bike lanes, health food, density, urban agriculture, pedestrian culture as white and upper/educated class. If this is not done, the old and unsustainable order of cars, homes, and motored lawn mowers will continue to retreat deeper and deeper into a cave that provides democratic safety and legitimacy in the image of the common American. The danger of us becoming an upside down society that registers individual car ownership as more democratic than public forms of transportation is very real.