Ed Murray, Peter Steinbrueck, Bruce Harrell, and Mike McGinn dropped in on us at 7:50 AM this morning to assure us that they can bring people together. They can do the job. And, hey, they brought the SECB together before 8 AM, something that's never happened before in the whole sorry, drunken history of the SECB. So, hey, it looks like they can do this "bring people together" shit.

UPDATE 1: We are twenty minutes into this meeting and so far no one has touched the pastries. Pastries are not bringing people together this morning. They are not doing the job.

UPDATE 2: Mike just asked for a second glass of water. Ed and Peter wore ties, Mike and Bruce did not. Paul Constant is wearing royal blue nail polish. Pulitzer Prize winner Eli Sanders is wearing a black a polo shirt. Frizzelle went commando today. Dom is rocking in a baseball t-shirt. Cienna and Bethany are in heat-appropriate summer dresses. I am freshly shaved. Stay tuned for further updates.

UPDATE 3: Bruce Harrell: "I don't like negotiating in the dark."

UPDATE 4: Ed Murray: "We need a re-energized police force." Because that Mexican piss isn't going to beat itself out of you, amiright?

UPDATE 5: Hey, we're videotaping this and will post it to Slog later. If you're the kind of masochist who watches endorsement interviews you'll notice what sounds like jackhammering. It is jackhammering. Someone, somewhere is building something on Capitol Hill. Peter Steinbrueck promised to put a stop to it.

UPDATE 6: Pastries remain untouched.

UPDATE 7: Tim Keck just looked at his watch.

UPDATE 8: Peter: "There are politics involved, obviously." Obviously!

UPDATE 9: Frizzelle breaks the pasty barrier.

UPDATE 10: Mike: "You're entitled to your opinion on that. But welcome to my world."

UPDATE 11: Jen Graves is angry that I didn't post anything about her dress. Here it is:


Goldy is wearing a navy blue t-shirt. I'm here in full leather.

UPDATE 12: Ugh. They're talking about hockey teams. And basketball stadiums. ZZZZZ. I know how to fix this: I'm going to bring up the MONORAIL!

UPDATE 13: Jesus. They're spending a lot of time talking about bringing the Sonics back to town. No one in this room gives a shit. The SECB is comprised of theater fags, bookish straight boys, city politics geeks, foodies, and art fans. Sherman isn't on the SECB. Not that he couldn't be. He could be, if he wanted to be. Sherman? Wanna?

UPDATE 14: Ed is reading to us from a story the Stranger published a decade ago. We love that.

UPDATE 15: Now we are talking about light rail. Peter and I are yelling at each other. Now Peter has pledged to wage a war on cars: he will take lanes away from cars and dedicate them to buses—buses! the public transit solution preferred by people who don't rely on public transit!—so that bus rapid transit is actually, you know, rapid.

UPDATE 16: Science Nerd asks: "Dan, you didn't describe what Tim was wearing... although certainly a watch..." Tim is wearing one of these.

UPDATE 17: My battery is running low. No more inanities from our endorsement meeting, sorry.