If only her sleeping grandson had been armed:

The Harrison County Sheriff's Department has released information about a shooting on Jarvisville Road in the Bristol area of Harrison County that happened around 11:38 p.m. Sunday. Sheriff Albert Marano said William Owens, 11, of Jarvisville, was lying in bed when he received a single gunshot wound to his chest. Just prior to the shooting, Owens' grandmother, Tina Owens, 57, of Jarvisville and Owens' father heard what they thought to be intruders tampering with their properties outside. Tina Owens went outside to investigate, taking along a .40 caliber pistol and fired multiple shots to scare away the intruders. One of the shots went astray, said Sheriff Marano, traveling into the house wall and hitting William Owens in the chest. William later died from his injuries.