A letter to the editor, from reader Deanna:

I think it's a shame that on your most recent Last Days column, last Saturday the 25th "nothing happened today." Actually, two million people took to the streets to address a huge global issue: Monsanto and their GMO crops are poisoning our food supply. I think it should have been mentioned. We need as many people becoming educated and joining the fight as possible.

To be fair, Last Days' "nothing happened today" was followed by "unless you count the heavy rains that triggered flash floods that killed two women in San Antonio, Texas, or the school bus explosion that killed 17 children in Pakistan, or the revelation that US television personality Jimmy Kimmel spent $1.9 million on a nude painting of Bea Arthur, which he then gave as a gift to friend and fellow comedian Jeffrey Ross." But Deanna's right: It was also a day marked by huge protests against genetically modified food (and actress Octavia Spencer's birthday!)