If you missed this Sunday column by the Sacramento Bee's Marcos Breton—as I did—it's worth a read. The guy is definitely not purchasing one of these.

The Seattle contingent's actions reflect a pathological quest—cheered on by politicians and fans—to compensate for their original blunder: Their failure to act until it was too late to stop Seattle's old NBA team, the SuperSonics, from leaving in 2008...

As shortsighted as Seattle was when the future of the Sonics was in jeopardy, that's how manic Seattle is now to rip the Kings jerseys off our players' backs and fit them with Sonics green and gold. Where will it end?

WHERE WILL IT END??? Well, it kinda has ended at this point. Which leaves us with more time to note how, on the way to this end, Breton made suggestions as to the relative size of Chris Hansen's junk and called Seattle "ugly."