Meet Betty Sander. I got this email from her daughter, Shaw Sander:

I imagine our information sent on Betty Sander’s “Psychedelic Phantasm” show was overlooked in the email slush pile, but we very much want you quality folks at The Stranger to know about this incredible work. Now on display in the hall gallery on Broadway Market’s quiet 2nd floor, the show runs through May 23rd, 2013.
(Though this show is family-friendly abstract acrylics on paper, she is most famous for her full-frontal eye-popping high color male nudes. We’re seeking a Capitol Hill venue for those, if you have suggestions!)

Originally based in the Midwest, Ms. Sander’s six-decade resume extends from Chicago’s radical art scene to permanent display status at Indiana University’s Kinsey Sex Institute.
After her PNW debut at the 2012 Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Betty Sander’s intricately detailed sensual eye candy has commanded a cult-like following for her bold psychedelic style.
Creator of delicate pencil and crayon life forms, rich landscapes, psychedelic wild abstracts and textured collages, octogenarian Betty Sander’s infamy includes her masterpiece embellishing Richard Avedon Beatles’ White Album photographs entitled “Beatle Bijou.” Elaborate and visually sensual, Betty Sander creates lush vibrant color-bursts undulating through her work, filling the eyes with concentric layers of unbelievable beauty.
She also plays 12-string Dobro guitar, holds a Master’s from the University of Chicago, effortlessly reads Greek and Latin, tilled a forty-acre Rodale organic farm, managed a folk-music coffeehouse in the turbulent 1960’s and raised three daughters, of which I am one.

Ladies and gentlemen, Betty Sander.

One of Betty Sanders many nudes.

See the art next time you shop at Broadway Market.