Policing the Police Yields Mixed Results: Interim Police Chief Jim Pugel offered an unsolicited apology for a homeless-mocking video he made in the 1980s, and the federally appointed monitor of the Seattle Police Department says the SPD is resisting reform.

Transit Catfight! Ed Murray opposes sub-area equity for Sound Transit. Mike McGinn thinks that's—and I'm heavily paraphrasing, here—bullshit.

No Contract (Minor Contractual Obligations May Apply): Goldy breaks down the Washington AG's gutsy smackdown of T-Mobile's new ad strategy.

Cool Story, "Pastor" Mark: God's tool from Mars Hill "Church" shoots off his idiot mouth again about how much he hates women.

Thus Began the Gay Farming Movement: For a good time, call 360-786-7630. Ask them how they feel about this sentence: "Well, gay people can just grow their own food."

A Bookshelf Built for Two: Two Slog writers have upcoming books. Here's one. And here's another.

"Besides being a radionic psychotronic expert with Asberger's and an undying love of Tiffany...": This has to be the best qualifying clause beginning a sentence on Slog this week. This weeks' Slog Netflix Streaming Club is kind of mind-blowing.

I Will Miss the Erotic Han-Solo-in-Carbonite Sculptures: The Broadway Grill is closing.

Best Slog Headline of the Week: "Not With A Bang But A Side Order Of Cheese Sticks."

Lastly, our Patriotic Corporate Overlords have ensured that this song is going to be played a whole lot around Seattle in July: