Rand Paul is probably trying out slogans for his 2016 presidential run right about now. I've got one! How about: Rand Paul—He's got all his father's principles, until you ask him specifically about those principles™. Rand Paul became a hero for certain liberals after his anti-drone fillibuster last month. But the Huffington Post explains Paul's new, more "nuanced" drone opinions, as explained on Sean Hannity's show last night:

"If the Twin Towers are being attacked, that's deadly force being used against America and Americans," he said. "There is the right to defend ourselves with deadly force."

Hannity asked him to clarify, asking if drones in major cities should be available if an incident like this were to occur. Paul explained that law enforcement has the "justified obligation to fire back," regardless of the form used.

"I'm against targeted killings by drones, but I'm also against targeted killing by sniper, by spear, by knife, by club. The technology isn't so important. What I was arguing against in the filibuster was targeted assassination."

That's not true. During his fillibuster, Paul railed against using drones to kill people who hadn't been tried in court. His new, more "nuanced" explanation seems to indicate that he'd have been all for using drones to hunt down the Boston Marathon bombers. Seems that young Dr. Paul's principles are not as shiny as his father's followers would like them to be.