Ah summer, that special time of year when thirsty denizens can drink wine coolers for breakfast without judgement—after Memorial Day, naturally—and stacks of Yellow Pages bloom on every doorstep.

That is, unless YOU OPT OUT OF THEM by May 6.

Wait, you're thinking, I thought the city lost that opt-out battle in court. They did! They lost that battle so hard! But it seems that even villains sometimes appreciate a happy ending, as the city has reached an agreement with Dex to continue allowing people to decline Yellow Page deliveries using an industry opt-out site. What's better, people who already opted out under the city’s program do not need to do so again.

“I thank the industry for agreeing to honor all existing opt outs and for taking significant steps to develop this nationwide opt-out system, which has participation from all major publishers, a new user-friendly interface and a complaint system where concerned residents can get quick, reliable feedback," said city council teddy bear Mike O'Brien in a statement.