The Huffington Post Deems Baby Meerkats Cuter Than Baby Sloths: And they have the pictures to prove it.

Boston Begins to Return to Normal: Obama is proud, and one 78-year-old marathon runner from Lake Stevens returns home after a picture of him reeling from the bomb blast went viral.

Guns Don't Kill People: Immigrants kill people? Senator Charles E. Grassley argued yesterday that the fact that the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings were immigrants (NY Times) must be a factor in the immigration debate.

In (Sort of) Good News: Authorities slightly lowered the death toll stemming from the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas.

And in Certifiably Terrible News: The five-year-old Indian rape victim Cienna reported on yesterday is in critical condition.

Big Bertha: In big pieces, having big pictures taken of her, big time.

Meanwhile in Iraq: The country is having its first elections since the United States left, and they've been plagued with violence.

Finally: The 787 Dreamliner is almost ready to be pushed out of its drawn out and disappointing nest and start flying people places.

Meanwhile in Sensationalist Headlines: The Seattle Times warns of VIADOOM II.

Life in Prison: That's what Robert D. Hitt is facing after being convicted of breaking into a home in the U-District, tying up six women, and forcing one of them to strip.

A Devastating Quake in China: Dozens are dead and hundreds injured in the southwestern province of Sichuan.

The Herschel Telescope Took Some Incredible Pictures of the Horsehead Nebula: Take a look.