The Cascade Bicycle Club, which has 15,000 members and generally makes the bike-hating Seattle Times go ballistic, issued four early endorsements today in this year's races for mayor and city council. They're not shocking choices:

· Mike McGinn – Mayor
· Sally Bagshaw – Seattle City Council, Position #4
· Richard Conlin – Seattle City Council, Position #2
· Mike O’Brien – Seattle City Council, Position #8

Yes, it's totally predictable for a bicycle lobby to bless the reelection of a mayor who ran with a "Mike Bikes" campaign slogan, but it's not because he or the council have been amazing for bicycles. The city's Bicycle Master Plan, created in 2007, has barely been funded. At five years into the 10-year plan, we've paid for only $36 million of the $240 million goal. That's less than one-quarter of the funding it needs. And only now is the city promising one "north-south cycle track route and an east-west route through downtown," the mayor recently said.

I'm guessing that it's not that McGinn has been so great. To me, it seems, the rest of the mayoral candidates—particularly Senator Ed Murray, Council Member Bruce Harrell, and Council Member Tim Burgess—disqualified themselves by stubbornly hawking bills to spend billions of dollars on freeway projects.