ORIGINAL POST 10:51 AM: Twitter is tweeting about this right now: A pair of sources say that a suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing has been arrested. Just a few minutes ago, the AP reported that an arrest was "imminent."

UPDATE 10:55 AM: It's been confirmed. There will be a press conference at 5 pm Boston time.

UPDATE 11:12 AM: Apparently, it hasn't been confirmed? NBC is saying they're not comfortable reporting that an arrest has been made. But the Boston Globe is saying that an arrest is imminent, and the AP is saying that a suspect is in custody.

UPDATE 11:26 AM: Fucking internet. Now CNN is saying that an arrest may not have been made. NBC News says that a Boston PD official is saying an arrest hasn't been made. But the Boston Globe still says the suspect is arrested and en route to US District Court.

UPDATE 11:31 AM: Whether an arrest was made or not, I think we should all agree that CNN should go fuck itself forever.

UPDATE 11:34 AM: Boston PD just announced that there has been no arrest.

This reminds me of the time CNN got the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare wrong. And the time CNN fucked up the ID of the Newtown shooter. That's three strikes. They've fucked up three of the biggest stories of the last year. Fuck those guys.