Anchorage Daily News:

A roundup of national reaction over the weekend to Alaska Rep. Don Young's reference to "wetbacks" in a radio interview and his subsequent apology.

Young’s comments served as the latest wake-up call for Republicans in their nascent effort to woo a more diverse cross-section of America.

The message: whatever effort they make toward modernizing their brand, there will always be a few Archie Bunkers out there — people, like the lead character in the 70′s sitcom “All in the Family,” who are unconcerned with or unwilling to moderate their tone. And these days more than in the past, their offhand remarks can derail the most carefully orchestrated PR campaign.

As an inhabitant of Seattle (I'm a citizen of the world), as one who is constantly trying to make sense of this odd global city (and global city does not mean world city), I find reading the New York Times and Anchorage Daily News back-to-back to be very helpful, very productive.