Here's the first paragraph of Adrian Ryan's review of Grey Gardens, a musical co-production by ACT Theater and the 5th Ave:

First of all: TOM SKERRITT'S NIECE! She plays Little Edie. That was cool. (I don't see a resemblance.) Second of all: Much of the first act of Grey Gardens could have been ruthlessly scrapped—straight into the bin!—to everyone's benefit.

And there's the last paragraph:

But then the show ends... kind of nowhere, with two carping codependents wallowing in resentment and cat shit. (But sometimes bursting into song!) We never see the documentary happen. Jackie O never swoops in to save the day, 11th-hour-style. And, worst of all, we never get to see the unlikely late-in-life realization of Little Edie's star-spangled dreams. We never see her go to NYC, and she never stars in her own show. Which is a pity. That is the part of this story that really touches the heart—that sad redemption. Without it, we are left wallowing, too.

Read the rest here. Grey Gardens plays tonight and through June 2. (Tickets here, if you wanna.)

And here's the "revolutionary costume" clip Adrian mentions in his review: