• Tomorrow night, I'm hosting Verse Chapter Verse with Sherman Alexie and musical guests Fly Moon Royalty at Neumos. You can buy tickets in advance for $7. Tickets at the door on the day of the event will be $10.

• The doors will open at 5 pm. The show will start promptly at 6 pm. I suggest you show up early and get a drink.

• It'll go something like this: Fly Moon Royalty will play a set. Sherman Alexie will give a short reading. I'll ask Sherman Alexie some questions. You'll ask Sherman Alexie some questions. Then Fly Moon Royalty will come back out and play another set while Sherman Alexie signs your books. Elliott Bay Book Company will be there, selling books. Did I mention you should show up early and get a drink?

• If you are one of those people who wants to sit during a reading, even when that reading is in a rock club sandwiched between two vivacious sets of music, you should consider buying the VIP package. For $22, you get a seat near the stage with your name on it, a fancy signature cocktail made with ginger beer and Kraken dark spiced rum, and you will be acknowledged as a patron on our Genius Awards page.

Verse Chapters Verse are always a lot of fun. The authors enjoy reading in a non-bookstore setting, the bands enjoy playing shorter sets to a new and relatively unfamiliar audience, and a club full of people who love books is just about the best thing in the whole universe. You should come.