Thank you, Slog tipper Casey, for sending along this story roundup of women getting items stuck in their vaginas. It is an eye opener:

Anna advised that I squat on the floor like one of those natural childbirth La Leche people, and it worked. It was there. It was far. I had never reached that far. It was gross-far, nearing the anus zone far. The tampon was soaked. I dripped on the floor. It was thick and brown and foul. I wanted to say it smelled sort of like Vegemite tastes, but that's too kind. I wanted to say it reeked of August at the Pearl River Harbor, where I'd lived as a kid and where my brother had sworn he'd seen a dead body floating. It was so much worse, though. The only odor I really felt was equivalent was a Cantonese street food called "stinky tofu," a fermented tofu renowned for smelling like rotting fish meets sewage meets Black Death. (Hong Kong motto: why worry how foul something seems when you put it inside you if you know you'll manage to make it nastier on its way out?) Every droplet on the floor seemed to unleash the stench of a mile long stretch of stinky tofu stalls, and every few minutes it would be too much to bear and I'd have to wash my hands and spray more Glade start over again.

Two years later, Tkacik wrote about losing a second tampon in her vagina...

I once had to help a very good friend remove a sea sponge from her twat but I'll spare you the gory details (okay, one gory detail: spaghetti tongs). The article cites women's vaginas consuming tampons, a live slug (!!!), dimes, a cell phone, even garlic with the unforgiving finality of the La Brea Tar Pits. I had no idea this was a common occurrence, let alone a social epidemic.