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Masterminded by Travis Kukull, formerly at Tilikum Place Cafe and Elemental, brand-spanking-new Gastropod shares Epic Ales’ tasting room in Georgetown and has a short but fascinating-looking menu—click to enlarge at right.

Epic founder/brewer Cody Lee Morris says they want to create “a more experimental brewpub,” with small plates that rotate as often as their taps do, letting them “totally transform roughly every other week.” Also, their logo has a cute snail.

As of yesterday: "Also a new item has been added to the menu: rabbit liver cheesecake." And note that this Sunday, they're celebrating their grand opening with "Pig and Paella"—roasting a whole pig and making a giant veggie paella, only $5 for a plate of one or both—from 4 to 8 p.m.