Casey McNerthney at the Seattle PI says:

Seattle is at risk of going without a major fireworks show this Fourth of July.

One Reel, the nonprofit arts organization that has produced the Family 4th at Lake Union since 1988, says through its website that $500,000 in financial support is needed to ensure the fireworks show and Family 4th event happen.

The donation deadline is March 31, according to the event website, so organizers can know "if the event is to move forward."

As McNerthney notes, One Reel had this same problem back in 2010 when those dicks at Chase refused to fund the fireworks the way Washington Mutual had for years. So this means it's time for another It's a Wonderful Life moment, where the whole city comes together and pays for the fireworks and yay America and all that. But are we going to have to do this every year? What do you think?