Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel is the feature film directed by Seattle filmmaker Wes Hurley and starring Waxie Moon, Sarah Rudinoff, Marya Sea Kaminski, Nick Garrison, John Osebold, and several dozen other beloved locals. It is insane, starting off as a kicky Sex in the City spoof and ending up somewhere much weirder.

When I watched it at home, I really enjoyed the big weird mess of it all.
When others have watched it at home, they couldn't get through it.
But when the film played to a packed house at last year's Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, it brought the house down, and was named runner-up for the festival's Best Feature award.

Do we have another Rocky Horror on our hands—a film that maybe just lays there during private viewing but springs to amazing life with a crowd? That's what Hurley and Central Cinema are hoping for, with tomorrow night's screening followed by another screening next month, and maybe continuining once a month from there.

Bonus: Tomorrow night's screening will be hosted by the amazing Jinkx Monsoon, and the March 29 screening will be hosted by the also-amazing Ben de la Creme. Info and tickets here.