The legislature won't do it. Let the people do it. Let's do it: let's file and start gathering signatures. I'm thinking it'll pass. Remember, Washington state voters overwhelmingly support stricter gun control laws:

A new poll (PDF) released yesterday by Washington CeaseFire, a statewide organization dedicated to reducing gun violence, finds 76 percent support for tighter gun laws. The poll found 66 percent support (54 percent strongly) for banning semi-automatic assault weapons, 66 percent support (55 percent strongly) for limiting ammunition clips to 10 bullets, and an overwhelming 87 percent support (76 percent strongly) for closing the "gun show loophole." Respondents also support mandatory penalties for youth firearm possession (69 percent) and tighter controls on issuing concealed weapons permits (66 percent).

We could be a model for the nation.

Best part: getting to listen to conservatives whine about how wrong and unfair this is. I mean, putting the rights of an unpopular minority group up to a vote? Where does that end? Today we're voting on the second-amendment rights of gun owners, tomorrow we're voting on the marriage rights of gay couples—oh, yeah. We already did that. More than once.

Putting something on the ballot and voting sure beats marching in circles carrying signs. Who's in?