So. Here you have Ron Paul, a guy who has constructed a huge, devoted fanbase of grassroots activists. Those activists would do anything for Ron Paul. They create websites promoting him. They also hate the idea of government, especially the United Nations. Politix explains the clusterfuck that happened when these facts collided in a battle

Former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, wants fans who created web sites using his name to hand them over to him at no charge. The sites, and, were set up to organize supporters and spread the word about the three-time presidential candidate.

In a blog post Friday, the site's operators said they were going to give him for free and charge him $250,000 for because it came with a 170,000-person mailing list.

But they claim he did not accept that offer and has filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization, an agency of the United Nations, asking for control of the domain names.

Naturally, you'd think that Ron Paul fans would be outraged at this. But you've forgetten that Ron Paul fans don't really care about libertarianism. They only care about Ron Paul. If Ron Paul called for socialism tomorrow, the majority of Ron Paul fans would immediately swear they supported socialism all along. Over the weekend, the post announcing all this business became loaded down with comments like this one:

You guys should be paying Ron Paul, not the other way around. You have used his name to generate millions. I would be curious to see how much of the money generated on this site actually went to the cause and how much of it went into your pockets. You were never true supporters. You were planning all along to try to make a mint off Mr. Paul either through merchandise or trying to sell him his own name. And now you try to act like you’re the wronged party. Take the money you’ve made and give him the websites. And try not to embarrass yourselves any further.

What a brave band of thinkers they are. So eager to think for themselves!