Democrat members of Congress reintroduced the Violence Against Women Act today—the bill aimed at combating violence against women that House Republicans failed to renew it last session (under the leadership of a few bigoted dickheads). However, Senator Patty Murray's office just confirmed that the press conference announcing the return of the bill has been postponed until tomorrow.

But Murray isn't waiting until tomorrow. She just released her own statement on the Violence Against Women Act, and bless her, she's busting out of the gate swinging. Here's what she has to say:

“The fate of the Violence Against Women Act still lays squarely on the shoulders of Eric Cantor and John Boehner. To date they have refused to listen to countless law enforcement and women’s groups as well as moderate voices in their own party in the House and Senate who’ve said we need to pass the Senate’s bipartisan bill that extends protections to millions of new women.

“In a new Congress, on a newly reintroduced bill, the House Republican leadership faces the same choice. They can either kowtow those on the far right of their caucus who would turn battered women away from care, or they can stand with Democrats, moderate Republicans, and the many millions of Americans who believe that who a person loves, where they live, or their immigration status shouldn’t determine whether they are protected from violence."