A man named David Ishii—not to be confused with the deceased bookseller by the same name—called Wednesday to say he is running for mayor, which would make him the eighth candidate in the race. A call to the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission confirms that, yup, Ishii is running. But among a cast of titans heading to the ballot—Council Member Tim Burgess, Council Member Bruce Harrell, former councilman Peter Steinbrueck, state senator Ed Murray, and of course the guy who's currently mayor, Mike McGinn—Ishii is set to be, shall we say, a long shot candidate.

Still, here are a four reasons to love David Ishii:

1. His campaign website is called papabigfoot.com, featuring an animated elephant that bounds across the screen while farting a cloud that reads "Happy Valentines Day." Totally genius. Just go read some of the text: "free flowing traffic education trade talent full bennies .......CHA CHING Purdy seattle .......purdy clean ! !!." Also on his website, when you cursor over the head of the pencil, well—just go put your cursor on the head of the pencil.

2. He's got an interesting platform. "I am very serious about fighting crime, drugs, corruption, racketeering," says the self-described poet. "Round them all up."

3. He doesn't have the money to pay the filing fee in May, which is $1,800, and doubts he can gather the 1,800 signatures that could alternatively be submitted to make the ballot. "Do you think The Stranger can help come up with the $1,800 or part of it," he asked me, a broke reporter sitting in a frigid newsroom where staff members are, as we speak, discussing lighting trash fires for warmth. But maybe we could start a pool?

4. He kinda gets it. "I am quite the character," says Ishii. "I really stand out because I am quite eccentric. It will be entertaining. If anything, I'll make this race really interesting."

David Ishii for mayor!