Mmmm... brunch at Hattie's Hat sounds good right about now.
Everybody loves Hattie's!


Do you want to go to there?
Enter to win a $100 gift certificate in the Slog Holiday Charity Challenge!

All you have to do is donate to Northwest Harvest—any amount counts!

Then send your receipt to, along with one sentence about your love of Hattie's and/or hats, and you'll be entered to win.
Bloody Marys for everyone!

Contest ends at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning, so

And our Bumbershoot winner is M3! Read the nice thing M3 sent after the jump.

I would love to go to Bumbershoot because it's awesome, but I can't claim to have a better reason than anyone else. So instead, I'll just say thank you for the work you've done this year covering guns, marriage equality fight, local politics, police, the economy, and everything else.

And thanks to Dan Savage for everything he's written about his mother.