Just a day after announcing it canned American Guns, the Discovery Channel also announced that Nugent's Gun Country show would not return for more episodes. Nugent, who allegedly dodged the Vietnam draft by, among other things, shitting himself, had previously tooted his horn (weird) about doing the show 12 episodes a year, but it lasted only one.

Nugent had written in his Washington Times column that the show "celebrates and promotes the self-evident truth that 99.99 percent of American gun-owning families use our guns on a regular basis for all the right reasons."

But the statement is preceded only two paragraphs earlier with a not-so-veiled threat:

Those of us who dearly appreciate the precious gift of life follow our powerful instincts for self-preservation and have made it a priority to be ready to defend ourselves. Those on the lunatic fringe can squawk and moan all they want; the rest of us need no interpretation of “keep and bear.”

“Keep” means it’s mine, and you can’t have it, and “bear” means one thing and one thing only: I have one or two on me, and they’re loaded. Drive safely.

While such shows must have been some sort of desperate grab at the flagging cable demographic (read: rural and/or uneducated), recent events find the channel thinking better of it. Good riddance. Meanwhile, Nugent is neither dead, nor in jail.