Enclosed lovingly in this week's Stranger, it's the brand-new A&P: Seattle Art & Performance Quarterly, and it is great (if we do say so ourselves).

It's The Only Guide You Need to Winter Arts, Performance, Film, Classical Music, Drag, and More!™

And it's all online right over here. The theme: money. Some things you will find:

· Jen Graves on buying local art, which is not scary, not (necessarily) expensive, and something you should do! Plus: three pieces that we bought and we have loved ever since; and art you could (and should) buy right now

· Paul Constant on how much a novelist actually makes

· Rebecca Brown on the opera, Elvis, and greenbacks

· Three working artists, two philanthropists, and one person who's a little bit of both: The Lineup by Brendan Kiley

· Charles Mudede on a brilliant new Seattle building

· New poetry! The winner of the A&P fiction contest! Fireplaces! Full calendars of arts events to guide your life for the next three months! And more! Enjoy.