The artist who makes sculpture out of the guns of Los Angeles criminals is showing paintings of LA's grid street system at Friesen Abmeyer.

Atsuko Tanaka created this lightbulb dress in the 1950s. She wore it while it was on, and hot. Its at SAM, where it flickers on and off. Heres what it looks like in a dark room.
The artist dwelling on a chewed-up phone in a motel by the Pacific is showing at Soil.

The artists who built a human-scale snow globe for you to enter is at [storefront] Olson Kundig.

The artist who would like to destroy safe beauty is at Seattle Art Museum.

The artist who forgets the thorns on the blackberries by wearing gloves is at Stonington Gallery.

The artists of hard and soft and whale wives with swollen breasts are at Platform.

The artists whose human heads make perfect GIFs are at Traver.

There will be a dog parade.