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Friday, November 23, 2012

Larry Hagman

Posted by on Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 10:43 PM



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Will in Seattle 1
To me he'll always be an astronaut.
Posted by Will in Seattle on November 23, 2012 at 10:56 PM · Report this
Really? Cancer Killed J.R in Dallas at 4:20 pm?
Posted by apres_moi on November 23, 2012 at 11:57 PM · Report this
brian 3
Amazing he lived the last twenty years at all. Heck of a good match with the liver transplant. We should all be so lucky.
Posted by brian on November 24, 2012 at 12:07 AM · Report this
heywhatsit!? 4
He made Grandpa Simpson wait.
Posted by heywhatsit!? on November 24, 2012 at 2:35 AM · Report this
Fifty-Two-Eighty 5
I never saw a single episode of Dallas, so yeah, that clip is pretty much my memory of Larry. Hey, he had a good long life and made a shitpile of money. Maybe he was an asshole, maybe he wasn't — I didn't know him personally.
Posted by Fifty-Two-Eighty on November 24, 2012 at 2:51 AM · Report this
Posted by Sili on November 24, 2012 at 7:23 AM · Report this
Sir Vic 8
Most amazing part is that he did Jeannie stone drunk. Pint of bourbon with his cornflakes, and all that. Hell, even the original Jeannie bottle was a Jim Beam decanter. Can't even imagine how hot Barbara Eden looked with beer goggles!
Just incredible comic timing. RIP, Major Nelson.
Posted by Sir Vic on November 24, 2012 at 7:24 AM · Report this
nocutename 9
Major Healy was the one with the better comic timing. I was always bothered by the set-up of I Dream of Jeannie: here was the absolutely gorgeous woman with what seemed to be a huge crush on Major Nelson, willing to do anything for him, obligated to fulfill his every order, and he's spending all his time and energy pushing her away.
Obviously, gay.
Posted by nocutename on November 24, 2012 at 8:08 AM · Report this
Matt from Denver 10
@ 2, Dan knows that just saying "dead" is insensitive, but he doesn't care.

I saw "I Dream of Jeannie" reruns before there was a "Dallas," but I had a hard time recognizing actors from role to role when I was young (unless they had a distinctive appearance, like Ernest Borgnine), and didn't realize that both shows had the same star. As a result, I came to know Larry Hagman as J.R. first. Not because we ever watched it at our house, but because "Dallas" was such a huge show that nobody could ignore it. Remember the "Who Shot J.R.?" bumper stickers? Nobody ever put a "Jeannie"-related bumper sticker on their car.

Anyway, unlike a lot of other actors, Hagman never really affected me one way or the other. I'm sorry he's dead, but he had a long life and successful career, so I hope he died content.
Posted by Matt from Denver on November 24, 2012 at 9:21 AM · Report this
@2, @11: Dan meant to say that Larry Hagman is up on the roof, and we can't get him down.
Posted by Eric from Boulder on November 24, 2012 at 9:24 AM · Report this
Gern Blanston 12
Your tributes are always so moving, Dan.
Posted by Gern Blanston on November 24, 2012 at 10:09 AM · Report this
I'm just going to say it. He was such, such a DILF. And dare I say GILF for a while there.
Posted by six five on November 24, 2012 at 10:23 AM · Report this
Lord he was a handsome man when he was young.

My main feeling on watching that, though, was amazement that I used to love watching sitcoms - I could have sat through that episode, and the "Bewitched" that followed, and the "Green Acres" after that with perfect contentment, when I was ten. Now, watching the whole episode was literally painful.
Posted by agony on November 24, 2012 at 12:48 PM · Report this
reverend dr dj riz 16
i met him at burning man.. so there's that
Posted by reverend dr dj riz on November 24, 2012 at 12:57 PM · Report this
Demetria 17
"My Larry Hagman Story" --…
Posted by Demetria on November 24, 2012 at 6:02 PM · Report this
@18 - Thanks for the link, what a fun story. II heard him interviewed on the radio maybe 8 years ago (I think it was Coast to Coast, it was a long interview which is typical for C2C) and he was so charming and funny.
Posted by Kristi in Kitsap on November 24, 2012 at 6:41 PM · Report this
long-time reader 19
To an agnostic such as myself, any euphemism for "dead" would have come across as disingenuous.
Posted by long-time reader on November 24, 2012 at 7:45 PM · Report this
Big Sven 20
@20: "pining for the fjords"?
Posted by Big Sven on November 25, 2012 at 7:10 PM · Report this
for ever he will be Major Anthony Nelson in I dream of Jeannie, because that series I used to watch it as a kid in Beirut (Lebanon) at 19.00 which at the end of it my brother and me would get to bed.....Just a chapter of my childhood just closed for ever.
Posted by chaya760 on November 26, 2012 at 12:51 AM · Report this

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