VOTE OR WELL KILL YOU: Click to see our full endorsements.
  • VOTE OR WE'LL KILL YOU: Click to see our full endorsements.

Vote, goddammit! Here in Washington, it's easy. You can even vote by email or fax! Really!

Huh. I guess you don't get what you pay for. After spending a record $4.2 billion on the 2012 presidential and congressional elections, President Obama will still be in the White House, Democrats will still hold about 53 seats in the Senate, and Republicans will still hold a majority in the House. Well played, consultancy class—enjoy your new vacation homes!

Obama Leads Romney 28 to 14! In the electoral equivalent of Groundhogs Day, Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location, New Hampshire tallied the nation's first ballots. Yay for them.

Republicans can't do the math. A few more polls have yet to trickle in, but as it stands Nate Silver's model predicts a 313-225 electoral college victory for President Obama, with a 90.9 percent chance of winning, while Darryl at HA predicts a 309-229 win for Obama, with a 98.8 percent chance of winning.

I predict Mitt Romney will sweep all 792 electoral college votes! There. Now can I get a job as a highly paid conservative pundit?

Long lines at polling places nationwide. Long lines are being reported at polling places today in Florida, Ohio, Missouri, New York, and throughout the nation. Because, you know, Democracy is messy or something.

Hey America, no lines to vote in WA, no voter suppression, and always a paper trail! Hmm. Maybe it's time for national vote-by-mail?

Biden launches 2016 presidential campaign! When asked at his Delaware polling place whether this was the last time he would ever vote for himself, a smiling Vice President Joe Biden replied "No, I don't think so."

I sure hope Maine doesn't steal our thunder by being the first state in the nation to approve same-sex marriage at the polls. Well, actually, I guess I do hope Maine steals our thunder. But, you know. In any case, a new poll shows same-sex marriage up by 4 points in Maine.

US home prices jump most in 6 years. Home prices rose 5 percent year-to-year in September, yet more bad news for Romney's efforts to bash the "Obama economy."

And in non-election news: A new study shows that the proposed coal trains could delay traffic in downtown Seattle and Sodo by an additional 3 hours a day. Of course, reelecting Public Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark might be our only hope of stopping these trains, so I guess it's kind of an election related item after all.

And finally Nate Silver explaining to Stephen Colbert why he'd rather vote for Ebola than a pundit: