There's a lot of shit floating around on the internet right now about the election—it's like a clogged toilet at Madison Park Beach on a hot August day. Let's look at some of the best pieces that don't stink like shit:

1. From Candy Crowley at CNN, we get to peer into a losing campaign when defeat is near. Crowley, who has covered campaigns since I was in diapers (circa 2006), looks at how a graceful defeat can be the most memorable part of an election season. The best part of the article—which doesn't include a graphic—is the thumbnail when you go to share it on Facebook... Romney's head.

2. Anti-gun journalist and activist Josh Horowitz digs up some creepy blog posts and tweets by whackjob conservatives WHO ADVOCATE USING IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVES usage against the government.

3. Ultra-targeted online ads are inundating websites, according to Politico. Sick of them already? Too bad—campaigns are pouring money into the internet in a last-ditch effort to win. Today and tomorrow are going to be awful.

4. Charles Blow of the New York Times talks about the unraveling of Romney. The article looks at four aspects of the damned campaign that signify a certain Obama victory, and makes a strong case for everyone to chill out.