Tomorrow's Presidential Debate: Will be town hall-style, moderated by Candy Crowley.

In Other Debate News: Pizza Hut was offering a free pizza a week for 30 years to anyone who asked Obama or Romney "Sausage or pepperoni?" but after a bunch of backlash, they're changing the contest.

The Bravest Girl in Pakistan: The 14-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot in the head and neck will go to the UK for medical treatment. The Taliban shot her outside her school for "speaking out against the militants and promoting education for girls."

In Happier News: A dog saved a baby's life.

A Man Jumped FROM (almost) SPACE: Felix Baumgartner broke records by skydiving from 23 miles and breaking the sound barrier.

In Other Record-Breaking News: The world's most expensive cocktail costs $8,824. It's made with a bunch of old stuff like a 1770 Kummel liqueur.

I Have a Better Suggestion For That Money: A Capitol Hill-based day center for homeless teens might permanently close on Wednesday if it doesn't get more donations. Find out more (and donate) here.

In Rock News: Curiosity Rover found a new type of rock on Mars.

In Moon News: Solar winds are responsible for moon water.

Save the Primates!: "25 primate species in Africa, Asia reported on brink of extinction from deforestation, hunting."

Giant Eyeball!: Mystery solved. It came from a swordfish.

The Seahawks Won: Neat. Now WHERE THE FUCK IS HOCKEY?

Drivers Take Warning: Snoqualmie Pass is down to two lanes all week.

Splitsville: Russell Crowe and his wife are separating after nine yearzzzzzzz......

And the MOST IMPORTANT NEWS OF THE DAY: Bartell's is selling a replica of the hairbrush used on the set on Twilight. For only $9.09! Get yours today.