It's not often that out of state PACs play in legislative races, but State Representative Mark Hargrove (R-Covington) has been such a nightmare on environmental issues that he's drawn an independent expenditure from Progressive Kick*, an organization that backs progressive candidates in winnable local races. Of course, Progressive Kick wouldn't be spending the money if Hargrove didn't have such a kick-ass Democratic challenger, fire fighter and former Covington council member Bud Sizemore.

I don't know much about Hargrove other than his awful voting record, but I know Sizemore from his years as a legislative liaison for the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters. Sizemore would be more than just a better vote; he's got the experience and disposition to hit the ground running and be a progressive leader in Olympia.

* Disclosure: I did paid contract work for Progressive Kick during the 2010 election cycle.