The Seattle Times' Jim Brunner has an amusing account from the Republican convention in Tampa of the Washington delegation's "shoddily organized three-to-four hour bus ride back to their hotels" after last night's speeches.

“This is a cluster fuck of epic proportions,” Brunner reports initiative profiteer Tim Eyman saying into a cell phone. And believe you me, Eyman knows from epic cluster fucks.

It is tempting to make some sort of crack about how we can't trust Republicans to run our country if they can't even organize shuttle bus service at their own convention. But then I was reminded of some similar confusion following Barack Obama's acceptance speech in Denver in 2008. As I reported at the time:

Egress was hardly any better, as thousands of delegates and guests where channeled into narrow passages toward a chaotic parking lot where we were left to own own devices to find a shuttle bus to our final destination. Oregon legislative candidate Jefferson Smith finally took charge of the Shuttle 7 contigent, his Oregon Bus Project experience paying off for the weary masses. Democracy in action.

So maybe it's not a lack of organizational skills that plagues the Republicans, but rather a lack of leadership.

Smith's leadership skills, by the way, have served him well. He went on to win his 2008 legislative race, and become a rising star in the state house. This year Smith is on the November ballot in a closely contested Portland mayor's race after squeezing past a much better financed self-funding primary opponent.