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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Posted by on Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 7:15 PM


Tonight, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna came in second place, which is not where a Republican like McKenna needs to be. Sure, it sends him to the general, but with ominous prospects. Primary elections like these, which attract an older electorate, should favor a conservative candidate like McKenna. That's even more the case when the turnout is low like this primary. Moreover, McKenna has won statewide before as attorney general and he should have the name recognition to woo these predictable old primary election voters. But he didn't. Instead, Democrat Jay Inslee is four points ahead on the first day of returns. With many more returns to come in, particularly from liberal King County—where lefty votes tend to trickle in late—Inslee's lead could continue to grow in the next few days.

All of this goes to show that McKenna is not only a crappy lawyer, he's a crappy campaigner.

Meanwhile, a few highlights about contests decided tonight: The Seattle library levy is passing handily, the King County juvenile justice center is narrowly in the lead, and state supreme court justice incumbent Steve Gonzalez appears to have beaten his joke of a challenger, Bruce Danielson. On the downside, Gonzalez isn't winning by much—his advantage is in King County—which shows how many racist fucks in the rest of Washington reflexively voted for the guy with the Anglo-Saxon name and no experience to back it up.

Over on the Eastside, Darcy Burner has conceded that Suzan DelBene, not Daaaaarcy Burner, will run against Republican John Koster this fall.

In the 46th District, it's looking like Jessyn Farrell will face off against Sarajane Siegfriedt; and in the 36th District, Gael Tarleton will try to beat Noel Frame. Plus SO MUCH MORE! Just keep reading below.

King County's results are here and the state results are here.


Apart from those candidates who won't make it through to November, the biggest loser of the night no doubt is Republican legacy Reagan Dunn, who is currently getting his ass kicked by Democrat Bob Ferguson 52-38. Ferguson is leading in every Western Washington county but Lewis, as well as in five Eastern Washington counties. And in King County, where voters know the two council members best, Ferguson is up by a hefty 61-34 percent margin.

Of course, it's dangerous to read too much into primaries, but there's nothing good Dunn can read into this one.


King County Superior Court judge Bruce Hilyer is currently in third place in the race for Washington State Supreme Court Position No. 9.

But, Hilyer thinks still-to-come King County returns could bring him into second, dropping disgraced former Justice Richard Sanders out of the running and making this an exciting race between Hilyer and current front-runner Sheryl Gordon McCloud. Let's hope so—either of them would be great for the court, unlike Sanders.

"My campaign tells me that they thing I’m in good shape to take second place once all the returns are counted," Hilyer tells the SECB. "There’s a lot of votes in King to be counted."

We'll see.

FATHI'S FAITH | 9:19 p.m.

The mood is a bit low at Sahar Fathi's situation. She did not leave the starting line with a bang. She is fifth in a race with seven runners. But she has confidence that her position will improve: "We came across 500 people who had not voted last night. Things could change."


DARCY CONCEDES | 9:20 p.m.

After the first round of ballot tallies showed Suzan DelBene leading Darcy Burner 23.3 percent to 14.6 percent in WA-01, Burner called DelBene to concede. "Best to get it done quickly and gracefully," a disappointed Burner said by phone. DelBene way outspent her four Democratic opponents after pumping $2.3 million of her own money into the primary race, but Republican John Koster still scored an impressive 43.7 percent of the vote.

Koster and DelBene will also face off in the special election fill the remaining month of Jay Inslee's term.

SURPRISE IN THE 11TH | 9:16 p.m.

If these numbers hold up, there's been a big upset in the 11th Legislative District, where unimpressive Democrat Steve Bergquist and Republican Sarah Sanoy-Wright are leading with 28.35 and 24.8 percent of the vote respectively. We would've figured Bergquist to finish dead last, but we apparently don't know squat about the district.


Noel Frame, who is now heading into the general to face off against Gael Tarleton, is getting her rally on at the 5 Spot Cafe:

  • Via Lisa MacLean

REJOICING PROP 1 | 9:08 p.m.

  • E.S.

When the TV at the Great Nabob showed the juvenile justice center rebuilding Prop 1 passing, an older gentleman screamed out an orgasmic, "Yes! Yes! Yes! YES! YES! Yessssss."

A short while later, King County Executive Dow Constantine, a little further from climax, stood on a bench and declared: "We are ahead on behalf of the children and families of this county!" Everyone cheered.


The City of Seattle property-tax levy to shore up library service is passing with more than 60 percent OF the vote. However. another property-tax levy to rebuild the decrepit juvenile justice center has only a narrow lead, with 52.6 percent of the vote. All the county results are here.


The Secretary of State's Office shows Democrat Jay Inslee winning by four points, partly thanks to a 23-point lead in King County. That's a Democratic advantage many folks weren't expecting tonight. So where is Rob McKenna? He hasn't showed up at his own party yet.


The drop for King County in the Gonzalez race show him beating Danielson three to one. The room exploded in cheers. Up to that point, people had been nervous watching the returns from smaller counties (many of which, Gonazlez said, didn't actually receive mailers, just a ballot with a white guy's name and a Latino guy's name). In the minutes before the King County drop, Gonzalez spoke behind a table thanking his supporters and handing out bottles of tequila called El Relingo. He said, "El Relingo means the stallion. I hear it has that effect.:

"Okay, Steve!" a lady from the back of the room shouted. "This is a G-rated event."

Gonazalez first thanked Governor Christine Gregoire for appointing him in the first place, and said he had to be puished to submit his name for appointment. He had said no to five justices and two bar presidents who suggested he submit his name. "But," he said, "I heard comments two justices made on race and then changed my mind. I took my own advice—I tell my students, 'Never reject yourself—let other people do that for you.' And they will." Then he choked up a bit and the crowd clapped to fill the silence.

People are drinking beer and wine, and eating chips and vegetables, and eagerly pounding on their phones and laptops to check results. Members of the Wahsington Bus are here, as well as many judges and social activists. People are happy with the overall results, but there is an undercurrent of disapppointment that so many voters in Washington chose Danielson because of his honky name. "This race is too close," someone at the party said. "It makes me disappointed in my own state."


If elections were won by the square mile, totally unqualified Anglo-named Supreme Court candidate Bruce Danielson would've kicked ass tonight. He's currently ahead in 29 counties. Fortunately, they're not, so highly qualified Justice Steve Gonzalez will win his first election to the court. Right now the Secretary of State's website shows Gonzalez leading 50.29 Percent to 49.71 percent with all but King and Clark counties reporting. But Gonzalez is leading King County by about 90,000 votes, so that is that.

So congratulations to Washington voters for not being quite as stupid (or racist) as we feared them to be!


The Great Nabob—scene of tonight's Hilyer / Owens / Prop 1 / Pridemore party—is also the scene of last year's defeat of Great Nabob owner Maurice Classen in his run to replace Councilwoman-for-Life Jean Godden.

Classen failed to get The Stranger's endorsement and lost his primary bid. Now he's sipping a Makers on the rocks, hosting and toasting his political friends, and answering the SECB's questions.

SECB: What are you doing with your life now that Jean Godden, The Stranger, and Bobby Forch ruined it?

Classen: Back to work at the prosecutor’s office. I head up the Seattle efforts against gangs for the prosecutor’s office.

SECB: Are you bitter?

Classen: Only about my lost pride.

SECB: Are you going to get back into politics?

Classen: I’m certainly tyring to stay as active as possible… That’s why we continue to have events here. I don’t know if I’ll ever run again, but I’ll certainly do what I can to make a difference.

SECB: What do you think when you see Jean Godden making speeches as City Hall?

Classen: I only wish Jean the best.

SECB: Any regrets from your run last year?

Classen: I think we ran a good, hard race. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to serve, but I don’t think there’s anything I regret about the race. I certainly do regret The Stranger’s lack of endorsement, though.


Here's the other big race in the city, which shows Jessyn Farrell certainly bound for the general election. She'll likely be facing Sarajane Sigfriedt, who is running in second place. Third place is Republican Scott Hodges, who seems unlikely to pick up traction because later votes, which will be counted in the next few days, typically trend to the left.

Jessyn Farrell 28.17%
Dusty Hoerler 11.94%
Scott M. Hodges 19.20%
Shelly Crocker 16.76%
Sarajane Siegfriedt 21.56%
Stan Lippmann 2.14%


Tonight's results for the hotly contested 36th Legislative District's position 2:

Gael Tarleton 30.20%
Sahar Fathi 12.01%
Ryan Gabriel 14.88% (GOP)
Evan Clifthorne 4.96%
Linde Knighton 2.07%
Brett Phillips 14.99%
Noel Christina Frame 20.77%

This will be the last drop of the night, and subsequent results seem unlikely to make up the gap between Frame and her nearest follower.


Right over HERE.

BOOZE-FREE FATHI | 8:34 p.m.

Sahar Fathi and her people at the Cherry Street Coffee House waiting for results. There are cakes on the table, and someone is delivering a speech about how they changed the discourse of this election. Everyone seems smart and nice. But there is no booze here. None.


DREW'S VIEW | 8:32 p.m.

Secretary of state candidate Kathleen Drew is having her election-night party on the TOP FLOOR of the Watermark Tower downtown, the view from the apartment is amazing. The party is lively and nice, with lots of Democrat bigwigs and well-heeled party supporters. (But nothing can compete with the view.)


Inslee wasn't expected to do well tonight—he'll do better in the general election when the progressive vote is united behind him. But he's here to do preemptive damage control. He arrives long enough to say, "This is a great night, milestone, very excited, momentum, great race, decision in November, superior vision for the state of WA, sustainable chocolate manufacturing, small electorate tonight, we think we're going to be just right tonight!"

"The real race starts tomorrow!"

Apparently, we missed appearances by McDermott and Ferguson, who spoke briefly in other windowless rooms of this snackless hellhole while we were trapped in with Dear Leader Inslee. Bummer.


Statewide results are beginning to arrive, generally favoring Republicans. See them here. But the big urban liberal bastion—King County—hasn't yet reported.

It's significant to point out again that turnout is low, only 25.2 percent in King County as of today's 8:00 p.m. ballot return report. Based on past performance, that suggests final turnout of about 33 percent, far below Secretary of State Sam Reed's 46 percent prediction, and even below the low end of my 35 to 40 percent range.

THE TRICKLE BEGINS... | 8:22 p.m.

WA-01: DelBene leads in Whatcom County, 21.89 to 13.38 percent. No results yet from Skagit, Snohomish or King.


Down in dry, snackless Rainier Valley, we're getting word that Jay Inslee will be arriving in our empty, partyless hyperbolic press chamber in 10 minutes or so. He'd better be soaked in tequila or we're burning our ballots. Meanwhile, the SECB just ran into an old friend who said, QUOTE: "Please don't tell anyone I was here or working on this." Another ringing endorsement for the state democratic party!

No one has even bothered to make coffee, but at least there is a rubber dish strainer next to the empty coffee pot holding a single fork and a few coffee liners. Just in case.

Most everyone is dressed in shlubby / game day finest, except for the handful of guys wearing distressed denim and REALLY SHINY TIES. There isn’t any booze. This is the opposite of The West Wing.

WORDS OF WISDOM | 8:18 p.m.

As we wait for the results, it's significant to point out again that turnout is low, only 25.2 percent in King County as of today's 8PM ballot return report. Based on past performance, that suggests final turnout of about 33 percent, far below Secretary of State Sam Reed's 46 percent prediction, and even below the low end of the SECB's 35 to 40 percent range.



Socialist Kshama Sawant took about 9 percent of the vote against incumbent Democrat Jamie Pedersen in the 43rd District. But the SECB endorsed Sawant in the 43rd as a write-in candidate against Frank Chopp, where write-in candidates got more than 10 percent of the vote.

SAWANT: "I think the results are very resoundingly confirming what our position has been, and what our perspectives have been as socialists and activists—the Occupy Movement, the Arab Spring—I think people are hungry for a change. In the State of Washington, people for decades, have been locked in the stranglehold of big business—both the Democrats and the Republicans represent big business, and not ordinary people. It's time for a change."

SECB: "So you're happy with the result numbers?"

SAWANT: "Yeah, for NOW, we are totally excited—and we are really looking forward to running a strong campaign in the general elections. I think that it would be fantastic for us to win, but our campaign—because we are running it as activists, and not as career politicians—we're about the campaign itself, and getting the word out, and we want to get people politically involved."

This photo taken, while the entire room chanted "We are the 99%! We are the 99%!"



  • The Stranger

During his long-awaited official address tonight, McKenna couldn't stop talking about our need for a new direction new direction new direction nude erection. But he didn't mention results AT ALL. He spent most of the time attacking Jay Inslee and income tax supporters. "Jay Inslee cares about the adults in the education system," said McKenna, drawing a lot of boos. Later he proclaimed the amount of door-belling he did in Seattle to be one of his campaign's greatest victories—despite the fact that he lost spectacularly in Seattle.

McKenna is trailing by four points statewide and 23 points in King County. It's an awful showing.

But seriously: Nothing mentioned about the results. Just looking forward and nude erections.


Welcome your new GOP overlord:

  • Stranger


There is not a party and I have not seen any cupcakes,” announces Benton Strong, Democratic Party operative, by way of welcome. We’re sitting at State Democratic Party HQ on Rainier Avenue S, the powerhouse that’s hosting gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee, Congressman Jim McDermott, and Attorney General wannabe Bob Ferguson. We hear Bob’s sitting in a van somewhere with his wife and kids; no word on where the other two Democratic hopefuls are; our guess is they're frozen in cryogenic stasis until the 8:15 drop.

A sign on the door says, "DO NOT TAKE FURNITURE." Fucking Christ.

We hear there’s a giant elephant head dispensing lemonade over in Bellevue where McKenna’s pre-toasting his victory, but on the Democratic side of the lake, we're lucky to get a bag of half-eaten pretzels and a soggy Obama cutout (because someone can’t keep her tongue in her goddamn mouth).

Fox News takes out Obama
  • The Stranger
  • Fox News takes out Obama

These are supposed to be our powerhouses—the great white hopes of the state democratic party—and they can’t even spring for a few cupcakes and balloons. We’re doomed. DOOMED.


  • E.S.

Finally, someone to drink with the SECB at the multi-politician party at the Great Nabob on lower Queen Anne. It's our pick for state auditor, Craig Pridemore, who's feeling slightly nervous but declares: "All my friends voted for me, so it's going to be OK."


The SECB is inside Rob McKenna's campaign party at the GOP HQ in a Bellevue office park. It's a miracle w they let us in at all, really. Charles McCray, McKenna's spokesman, just glared at us.

Most of the supporters here are old and white, and there are only about 80 of them. Which isn't enough for one campaign staffer who began herding to get them close to the TV cameras. "We need to make it look more crowded," she told the old white people.

A lot of the food is red, white, and blue. They've got two American flag cakes, Sam Adams beer, and big elephant punch bowl.


The football stories are coming fast and thick at the Steve Gonzalez party in the Cristalla Lounge on Second and Lenora. One friend, while talking to the candidate, recalled a quarterback from Ohio State (whose first name was Art), who said something like 'I do everything I can until the football leaves my hands—the rest isn't up to me.' The friend, who worked on Andrea Darvis's 2004 judicial campaign, said "I thought we ran a great campaign, but you have done everything you can."

Another friend of the candidate, Monica Alicea-Galvan, a municipal court judge in Des Moines, WA, told another football story. "That famous coach from the Green Bay Packers used to say, 'In a bacon-and-egg breakfast, the chicken is involved but the pig is committed.' Steve Gonazalez is committed." SECB asked her in what way Judge Gonzalez is committed. She said, "He has taken strong stands against racism....." We asked, "Do you mean Justice Sanders?" "Yes," she said, "But he didn't treat it as confrontational, he took the stand, and took it on as a teaching moment."

"It's all about the names," Alicea-Galvan continued. "If there were no names on the ballot, just a list of accomplishments, Steve would win. But it's kind of scary that the names are the big test for tonight."

WE'VE ADDED A POLL! | 7:45 p.m.

Down at the bottom of this post, we're asking, "Is Anyone Actually Reading Our Coverage of the Crappy Primary Election?" Go vote—about voting!


Ballot boxes are open until 8:00 p.m. There's a list of their locations right here. For election results in King County (including the library levy, juvenile justice center levy, and legislative districts within the county's borders) go here starting at about 8:30 p.m. Or go here for statewide results (including legislative districts). Meanwhile, there's chatter on Twitter about the election results at #waelex.


  • E.S.

The SECB saw this outside the party for Bruce Hilyer, who is running for the Washington State Supreme court, and thought: Sweet! The hot ladies and mens must have just jumped out of the Hilyer ride and started celebrating!

Uh, no. The SECB is drinking by ourselves at this party:

  • E.S.


The SECB has, after being told to wait in the lobby, been invited into the Rob McKenna for Governor Campaign fiesta at the Washington GOP headquarters in Bellevue. We are required to wear a "Stranger" name tag and we're looking for something to drink...


Three martinis down and the SECB has fanned across the city—in cabs!—to take in the wondrous totality of lesser Seattle in the great nearby! On primary night! Because we care about elections!

We wanted to go visit the party being thrown by the campaign for Greg Nickels, who's running for Secretary of State, but he's not having a party. Maybe that's Greg's way of saying that he's not going to qualify for the general election. But it's GREG NICKELS'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! Happy birthday, former mayor! Sorry that you're probably going to come in third place, getting knocked out of the primary... just like three years ago. Um. Sorry about that, Greg. We miss you. Hindsight's 20/20 and all that.


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Anybody but Darcy, please!!!
Posted by Brian2 on August 7, 2012 at 7:41 PM · Report this
I'm not reading it because the mobile page is broken, again. It's been like 3 years that Slog has had this problem. If only you had access to some tech savvy youth.
Posted by Vote Prop 5- levy for a Slog IT consultant on August 7, 2012 at 8:10 PM · Report this
auntie jim 3
Hobbs, who can win, or Ruderman, who might. I just tried to go to Shawn O'Donnell's, a Republican owned restaurant here in the first district, for Millie Judge's party. ( she's running for judge LOL ) When I got there it turned out that John Koster's victory party was there and the parking lot was full of fancy Republican SUVs! I went home, should have never left the Gay Men's Task Force picnic tonight where at least my dog was having fun. Maybe I'll go back out later.
Posted by auntie jim on August 7, 2012 at 8:20 PM · Report this
more pics of Cienna in those tights!
Posted by legacy builder on August 7, 2012 at 8:23 PM · Report this
Quotable Ohio State QB Art Schlichter is currently serving a 10 year prison sentence.
Posted by DOUG. on August 7, 2012 at 8:27 PM · Report this
We killed the poll, which might make the post visible in the mobile version. The TSARY are out tonight. Sorry.
Posted by Stranger Election Control Board on August 7, 2012 at 8:31 PM · Report this
@6, it was 404'ing me something fierce. Thank you!
Posted by gloomy gus on August 7, 2012 at 8:43 PM · Report this
Gonzales! Yippee!
Posted by gloomy gus on August 7, 2012 at 8:48 PM · Report this
No word from the Fighting 47th?

Meanwhile...Bristol Palin on tolerance:

To the Left, “tolerance” means agreeing with them on, well, everything. To me, tolerance means learning to live and work with each other when we don’t agree – and won’t ever agree. So if I have a gay dance partner, we may have some interesting discussions about morality, marriage, and whether the government made him a great dancer because it built the roads that he drove on to dance practice.…
Posted by Supreme Ruler Of The Universe http://_ on August 7, 2012 at 8:51 PM · Report this
And the levies doing well, and Sanders not doing well!
Posted by gloomy gus on August 7, 2012 at 8:52 PM · Report this
Gern Blanston 11
In the immortal words of Judge Elihu Smails, "You'll get nothing and like it!"
Posted by Gern Blanston on August 7, 2012 at 8:55 PM · Report this

Question, and be honest.

How many of the 4% of votes that went for Rob Hill, are people who really wanted McKenna but who saw the first person named "Rob" and voted for him?
Posted by Supreme Ruler Of The Universe http://_ on August 7, 2012 at 9:02 PM · Report this
Ganesh? What are you doing there?
Posted by Eric from Boulder on August 7, 2012 at 9:08 PM · Report this
seatackled 14
Pictures of glaring McKenna staffers, please?
Posted by seatackled on August 7, 2012 at 9:18 PM · Report this
Is it my imagination or are these results kinda amazing for Inslee?

My pal Google says the 2008 primary tally with Gregoire Vs. Rossi was 48.2% vs 46.3% and the election results ended up 53% vs. 47%.

And Inslee is leading 47 to 43 for McKenna?

Is my nightmare scenario of McKenna being Gov not going to come true? Oh happy day, I feel hope dawning within my wee chest.

Someone with more political savvy, please chime in...
Posted by troubletown71 on August 7, 2012 at 9:31 PM · Report this
Catalina Vel-DuRay 16
It's interesting to see how down in Clark and Cowlitz the Democratic candidates (combined) are beating McKenna.

Lewis County, welfare state that it is, is as usual going for the GOP.
Posted by Catalina Vel-DuRay on August 7, 2012 at 9:49 PM · Report this
treefort 17
It's time for Burner to win something. I've hoped for her every time and voted for her when I could. Even went to one of her rallies once. I would love to see her in office.
Posted by treefort on August 7, 2012 at 9:50 PM · Report this
DOUG. 18
No Washington state U.S. Congressional incumbent is faring more poorly than Dave Reichert, who's barely cracking 50%.
Posted by DOUG. on August 7, 2012 at 9:58 PM · Report this
Keister Button 19
Maybe you guys were let in to McKenna's party because at least one of you was white and to make the place look more crowded..
Posted by Keister Button on August 7, 2012 at 10:04 PM · Report this
"Nude erection"

Mature election coverage from The Stranger, as usual.
Posted by Chali2Na on August 7, 2012 at 10:04 PM · Report this
Joe Szilagyi 21
SECB, what's the over/under on McKenna putting out another "fear my intellectual fury as I make my kids say stupid things on camera for no discernible political gain" campaign ad, based on tonight?
Posted by Joe Szilagyi on August 7, 2012 at 10:11 PM · Report this
Baconcat 22


Pro-equality State Rep. Maureen Walsh (R-16) is coming in with a staggering 66% of the vote over her anti-gay and Pastor Joe Fuiten-endorsed opponent, Mary Ruth Something-or-Other.

This is a major blow to the NOM-promoted "wisdom" that pro-gay Republicans always lose.

We now return you to your liveblog.
Posted by Baconcat on August 7, 2012 at 10:12 PM · Report this
Gern Blanston 23
How long before we start relegating Darcy Burner to the same category as Stan Lipmann, Goodspaceguy, and Mike the Mover?
Posted by Gern Blanston on August 7, 2012 at 10:22 PM · Report this
The depressing thing is that both Lipmann and Goodspaceguy, absolute loonies, got people to vote for them. Darcy and Mike the Mover are at least sane.
Posted by sarah70 on August 7, 2012 at 10:44 PM · Report this
What's the next race Darcy will file for, do you think?
Posted by gloomy gus on August 7, 2012 at 10:56 PM · Report this
Baconcat 26
Just going to leave this here: Miloscia and Pidgeon both got ~72,000 votes.

Posted by Baconcat on August 7, 2012 at 11:16 PM · Report this
Tacoma Traveler 27
I'm surprised you haven't discussed the returns from Pierce County.

The 27th District Senate race was between two Democrats-one, Jack Connelly, is openly homophobic and sexist. His opponent, who has consistently voted for every piece of GLBT Civil Rights legislation and has defended a woman's right to choose throughout her 12-year run as State Representative. Though this primary had only two candidates, who will therefore both automatically progress to the General election regardless of the primary outcome, the bigoted candidate spent over 400,000 dollars of his own money to win it anyway.

Want to see a political contest that will warm your heart? Check out the 27th District, where an ultra-rich trial lawyer who in 2002 signed a petition to repeal Tacoma's Civil Rights ordinances tried to buy votes and lost to a kind-hearted and open minded lady whose entire political career has been marked by compassion and grace.

Think Tacoma's politics are corrupt? Not in the 27th, they're not.
Posted by Tacoma Traveler on August 7, 2012 at 11:21 PM · Report this
Teslick 28
I'm calling Goldy on the following:
I'd say if she [Burner] loses this time around, she probably shouldn't run again.
Posted by Teslick on August 7, 2012 at 11:28 PM · Report this
If you didn't find the booze at the Inslee-Ferguson event, you weren't looking in the right place. There was plenty to be had.
Posted by TJ on August 7, 2012 at 11:48 PM · Report this
G'bye, Ms. Burner. Come back when you've accomplished something in public life, rather than sucking up contributions and attention as a perennially underperforming vanity candidate. Run for city council, maybe.
Posted by Warren Terra on August 7, 2012 at 11:50 PM · Report this
MacCrocodile 31
We missed y'all at the book thingy. Hope you enjoyed your politics thingy.
Posted by MacCrocodile on August 7, 2012 at 11:58 PM · Report this

Darcy lost! How could have seen that coming!

Recount! Recount! Recount!

Posted by David Koch on August 8, 2012 at 12:02 AM · Report this
How could Darcy have lost?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

She had the ENTIRE blogosphere supporting her.

She was the keynote speaker at Netroots Nation.

Markos himself campaigned for her. Alan Grayson personally endorsed her.

She couldn't have lost. Not with that kind of support!
No, the election had to have been rigged!!!

Sue! File a suit to stop the certification! We must have an investigation of this obvious theft at the polls!

Run Darcy run! So you lost 2 separate elections tonight. 5th time is the charm.
Posted by David Koch on August 8, 2012 at 12:12 AM · Report this
Will in Seattle 34
McKenna and Dunn are toast.

Stick a fork in them both, they're done.

Grats to Noel on the win!
Posted by Will in Seattle on August 8, 2012 at 12:23 AM · Report this
Will in Seattle 35
By the way, the Jail, if it loses, can blame the unfunded Billionaires Tunnel for why people said no.

Sucks to be the tax-destroying Ride For The Rich tunnel.
Posted by Will in Seattle on August 8, 2012 at 12:26 AM · Report this
Lord Basil 36
Wow! Socialists chanting OWS slogans.

No, they're not Marxists. Not at all.

Posted by Lord Basil on August 8, 2012 at 3:54 AM · Report this
Catalina Vel-DuRay 37
Lord Basil, we haven't seen you in ages! How's that rash? Is it still oozing?
Posted by Catalina Vel-DuRay on August 8, 2012 at 6:33 AM · Report this
Helenka (also a Canuck) 38
I actually read all of the coverage. Which means that I find some of the races interesting (and I do, despite living thousands of miles away ... ::points up::) or that I'm really, really bored.

BTW, I thought "nude erection" was a hoot. Considering how quickly McKenna demolished words in that one ad, this is a quick antidote to his pretentiousness.
Posted by Helenka (also a Canuck) on August 8, 2012 at 8:37 AM · Report this
Captain Wiggette 39
they're/their, assholes.
Posted by Captain Wiggette on August 8, 2012 at 10:32 AM · Report this
Check out the statement from the Vote Sawant campaign about the breakthrough results from last night:

Kshama Sawant Wins 8.5% of Primary Vote Against Pedersen
Unprecedented Write-In Vote for Position 2 Could Challenge House Speaker Chopp

Kshama Sawant, the Socialist candidate running against Democratic incumbent Jamie Pedersen, has won 8.48% of the ballots in the preliminary count as of 8:15 P.M. on Tuesday, August 7 for the Washington State House in the 43rd District (position 1).

This is a remarkably successful primary election result for a grassroots, anti-corporate campaign running for the first time, given how stacked the election process is against progressive left-wing candidates and parties, and that the corporate media goes out of its way to ignore the left. On top of this is the massive advantage pro-corporate candidates have in terms of resources. The Pedersen campaign has raised over $85,000 from wealthy backers and corporations, while Sawant has raised $10,000 from ordinary people.

The Stranger endorsed Sawant as a write-in for Position 2 in the 43rd district, against Democratic Party incumbent and Speaker of the House Frank Chopp. As of last evening, overall write-ins for Position 2 (10.21%) exceeded the votes obtained by independent candidate Gregory Gadow (9.35%), who is on the primary ballot, but has officially pulled out of the race. It is likely that the vast majority of the write-in votes were for Kshama Sawant.

In the next few days as the write-in votes are fully counted, it is possible that Sawant will be declared the second place finisher against Frank Chopp in position 2, in addition to placing second in position 1. Such a development, unprecedented in recent memory, would represent a shock to the political establishment in Seattle and a rejection of the Democratic Party by the voters in the 43rd District.

It would also mean Sawant would have the right to choose which ballot line to appear on for the general election in November, position 1 (against Pedersen) or position 2 (against Chopp).

“We will wait for the final results of the write-ins for Position 2. But, the extraordinarily high proportion of write-in votes, along with the votes for Gadow, is a clear indication of the anger and discontent with Frank Chopp and his big business politics,” said Philip Locker, the Political Director of the Vote Sawant campaign.

These results show that the political mood is changing. People are outraged about big banks and corporations getting trillions in bailouts and tax breaks, while the rest of us are left with massive cuts to education and social programs, and ever-increasing poverty and unemployment.

The Sawant campaign has pointed out that years of Democratic Party holding the governorship and majorities in both the State House and Senate have resulted in an increasingly regressive tax system, decimation of public education, attacks on unions and state employees, and huge handouts to big corporations.

“Olympia is owned by Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are loyal servants of their corporate masters. Where is the voice to represent ordinary working people?” asked Kshama Sawant.

Sawant's opponent, Democratic incumbent Pedersen is a corporate lawyer. Pedersen has done commendable work for marriage equality, which Sawant supports and has personally marched and organized for. However, Pedersen, like his colleagues in the Democratic Party, is a big-business candidate and has a consistent anti-education, anti-labor voting record. That is why neither he nor Frank Chopp was endorsed by the Washington State Labor Council in a sharp break from tradition.

Sawant, who is running as a Socialist Alternative candidate, is the only candidate calling for the creation of a statewide public works program to create green living-wage jobs, reversing the budget cuts, and providing full funding for education, health care, and public transit by taxing big business and millionaires. She is calling for an end to police brutality in Seattle, and her campaign platform includes the creation of a democratically elected-civilian oversight committee with full powers to hold the police accountable.

"I think the results very resoundingly confirm what our position has been, and what our perspectives have been as socialists and activists—the Occupy Movement, the Arab Spring—I think people are hungry for a change. In the State of Washington, people for decades, have been locked in the stranglehold of big business—both the Democrats and the Republicans represent big business, and not ordinary people. It's time for a change," said Sawant to The Stranger newspaper.

“[We] are really looking forward to running a strong campaign in the general elections. I think that it would be fantastic for us to win, but our campaign—because we are running it as activists, and not as career politicians—we're about the campaign itself, and getting the word out, and we want to get people politically involved," she added. She also called for a series of public debates with Jamie Pedersen this fall.

The campaign is planning to energetically step up their grassroots work of getting the word out and using the election period to help build towards larger social movements to challenge the two parties of the 1% and put the 99% on the political agenda.

Prominent endorsers of Kshama Sawant’s campaign include: The Stranger, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587, Cindy Sheehan (Leading anti-war activist and 2012 Vice Presidential candidate), Rich Lang (pastor at University Temple United Methodist Church and Real Change Columnist*), Mike Lapointe (2012 Independent candidate for U.S. Congress from WA State District 2 and former Vice President of the United Electrical Workers Local 264), Eat the State!, Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity, Radical Women, Freedom Socialist Party. *For identification purposes only
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