Overnight, Rafalca Romney, the prettiest dressage horse ever to be owned by a Republican presidential candidate, performed for the first time in the Olympics. BuzzFeed has the full, frustratingly unembeddable video. Instead, you should watch this video and pretend it's Rafalca:

The bad news is that Rafalca placed 13th, for a score of 70.213. Apparently, that's not a terrible score. Ann Romney says she is "thrilled" to "death" by her "consistent and elegant" dancing horse. If, like me, you've got Rafalca-mania, you should check out Politico's "10 things to know about Rafalca."

Or, if you'd like to know about the dark side of dressage and what some riders do to get their horses to prance forward and backward while keeping their heads in a low, reverential pose for extended periods of time, you should visit this blog. Someone in the office who is far more familiar with horses than I says that dressage is "foot binding for horses." The sad story of Super Hit, a horse that the Romneys allegedly kept doped to the gills on painkillers, is another indication that all might not be well in the world of dressage.