In a post titled "72 Percent of the US Is Experiencing Dry or Drought Conditions," Julia Whitty at Mother Jones writes:

Yesterday—only the first day of the month—was brutal enough to shatter 27 records and tie 24 records for the highest ever July temperatures...More amazingly, the first day of the month also broke 6 and tied 11 records for the highest ever recorded temperatures on any date at sites in Georgia (Rome: 108°F), Kentucky (Barren River Lake: 108°F), North Carolina (Tapoco: 106°F), and South Carolina (Grnvl Spart Intl Ap: 107°F).

Of course, the Midwest and Washington DC both suffered epic thunderstorms over the weekend, leaving many without power for days. (And Instagram was down. Dear God, Instagram was down!!) While the high-pressure front that inspired most of this bad weather is moving on, it looks like it could be a long, hot summer. But is it...the end of the world?