The SECB sat down with candidates for the 36th District, including Leslie Klein (R), who says: "I am running because of the current astrological alignment."

Incumbent Reuven Carlyle (D) and Robert Canmar (Abe Lincoln's grandpa) were also in the room but their answers weren't nearly as batshit engrossing.

Leslie Klein, right, pictured with Abe Lincolns grandpa.
  • Leslie Klein, right, consulting the stars with Abe Lincoln's grandpa.

"Right now we are squared with Pluto, this is the people against the establishment," Klein continues, explaining that "the establishment" is whatever party's currently in charge. Klein is very anti-establishment. If Republicans were to take the Senate, House, and Governor's mansion, he will switch over to the Democratic party. This is explains why Klein calls himself a Republican but is pro-gay marriage, pro-legalizing marijuana, and pro-taxing the shit out of wealthy residents in Washington state.

"The people took a big hit today [with the Supreme Court's health care decision] but the establishment is destined to lose this time around because of the planets," he says. "In the 1930s we had the same alignment of planets and Stalin lost, big time."

"I’m running to represent only people, not planets," Klein then clarified.